About the coastal environmental atlas [en]

The coastal environmental atlas is a project initiated by NEMC to provide information about the coastal environment. According to the Environmental Management Act of 2004 NEMC shall:

[..] establish and operate a Central Environmental Information System which may bring together any findings, data and statistics generated by both public and private institutions in the course of environmental observation and management.

The coastal environmental atlas as such represents a central environmental information system fulfilling the obligation for the coastal areas. The work is done as part of the Environmental Information Network.

Although tasked with coordinating such a system of findings it is observed that the data comes from various sources (owners and custodians). This means that external presentation of some of the data might not be possible. Such restrictions are agreed between NEMC and the data source through the Environmental Information Network.

It was necessary to establish a baseline of existing data the process of the coastal environmental atlas. Subsequently COWI Tanzania was contracted to undertake a “Study of coastal and marine datasets in Tanzania”. This work was done as part of the Environmental Information Network. The results are available here: