State of the coast report [en]

stateofthecoast_2009 The coastal area of Tanzania comprises 15% of the country land area and hosts about 25% of the Tanzania mainland population that is fast growing at the rate of 4-6.5% per annum. The majority of this coastal population live in the rural coastal areas and depend on the available natural resources for livelihoods; agriculture and fishing forming their main stay. The area is important for a number of ecosystems including the mangroves and it harbours a number of biodiversity.  In 2009 NEMC published a state of the environment report. This report is available on their webpage. The report describes challenges and oportunities in relation to the coastal environment and its management.

stateofthecoast_2003This is the third State of the Coast Report in the series since the first and second reports which were produced in 2001 and 2003 respectively.

The reports at the time gave an overview of current research in the coastal areas.